Take your startup to the next milestone !

Take your startup to the next milestone !

Take your startup to the next milestone !

Take your startup to the next milestone !


We're a group of four dynamic partners who come from a very diverse background. Being malleable has allowed us to quickly adapt and learn the ins-and-outs of entire establishments, hence providing focused expertise to transform, develop and grow businesses for long-term success.

Each one of us has successfully launched and monetized at least three companies over the course of our career. Being known to completely immersing ourselves in organizations, our passion and dedication have allowed us to form strong ties with everyone, from business professionals to government officials and booming entrepreneurs. Our vast network and diverse experience enable us to help you find answers to your most pressing questions.



We transform and develop a wellness plan to put your business on the right track. After evaluating your business wellness, we contrive a thorough transformation action plan to help you overcome your business challenges.


We connect you with the best contacts for your business. Our process revolves around the concept of “perfect referrals”, that is, professionals that we have defined as the ideal business match for you and your company. From venture capitalists to suppliers and angel investors, we match-make like-minded entrepreneurs to build bonds that last forever.


We link you up with industry leaders and Egypt’s top game changers to coach you to success. We grant you fast-track access to tried-and-tested business advice from top tier executives, who will set you on the path to success and help you achieve your business goals.

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Ahmed Reda


Osman Badran

Brand Architect, Partner

Mohamed Abou-El Naga

Deal Architect , Partner



Cash Cows is ideal for a startup who has been up and running for at least 8 months. By being that long in the market, start-ups are able to identify their business potential, risks, and accurately assess market needs. We also serve companies that are experiencing a rut and need a fresh take on processes.
Our vast network and expertise span across all industries and market segments. From service providers to street vendors, everyone is a potential Cash Cows client.
By clicking the Apply button, you are then redirected to an application page that asks several questions about your business. We then assess this application and consult our clients whether or not Cash Cows would be beneficial to them at this stage.
We don’t take no for an answer. Sometimes, businesses need more time to incubate and that’s when we “reject” applications. We advise our clients to re-apply after aptly nurturing their businesses so that we can better assist them later on.
Once you’ve applied, we thoroughly assess your application and the market it serves. Granting that all your processes are in place, we then contact you to schedule a meeting where we will craft a road map for your business and take the first steps towards success. It’s our people who make all the difference. Each member of the Cash Cows team bring something to the table. Meet our team here


Villa 5, Farid El Attrash St., 1st Settlement, PO Box 11865 New Cairo, Egypt